“Lost Boy”

Ruth B., 2016

Choose from the following activities:

  • Pre-Listening Read the high-beginning story behind the song, titled “Finding Your Neverland.” Reading the story before listening to the song is advised; the song makes more sense if students have some familiarity with Peter Pan and the other characters who live in the fictional world of Neverland. Permission is granted to reproduce for classroom use.
  • Listening Target the 14 past-tense verbs in the lyrics cloze exercise below. Then listen to the song while reading the lyrics. Intended for nonprofit educational purposes only.

Lost Boy, cloze.docx          Lost Boy, cloze.pdf

  • Post-Listening Watch the official music video.
  • Post-Listening Talk about the idea of Neverland—a person, hobby, sport, or anything that helps you feel at home. Structure the discussion with the Draw-Write-Share activity below. Permission is granted to reproduce for classroom use.

Who or What Helps You?.docx          Who or What Helps You?.pdf