“When We Were Young”

Adele, 2015

Choose from the following activities:

  • Listening Listen to the song while reading the lyrics below, which are punctuated and annotated to facilitate comprehension. Intended for nonprofit educational purposes only.

When We Were Young, lyrics.docx     When We Were Young, lyrics.pdf

  • Post-Listening Watch the live studio performance on YouTube.
  • Post-Listening Practice using the word like, which is used in the song to make a comparison 14 times. Permission is granted to reproduce the high-beginning interactive worksheet below for classroom use. (If you use the Azar grammar series, you could follow up with the exercises on using like and alike in Basic English Grammar, pp. 473-474.)

comparisons with like.docx          comparisons with like.pdf

  • Post-Listening Read the story “The Return to Borovylanka” in More True Stories Behind the Songs, about a Siberian couple who unexpectedly meet again after 60 years apart. An audio recording of the story is on the True Stories page of the Pearson catalog, no registration or password required.