True Stories Reading Series














The True Stories series consists of high-interest reading textbooks for levels low beginning to high intermediate. Each unit is based on a real human-interest story in the news. The series was recently revised for a Silver Edition, and the textbooks now have new titles: True Stories 1A through 5. (Please note: The two lowest levels, now called Intro A and Intro B, were not revised at this time. Also, teachers familiar with Easy True Stories and All New Easy True Stories will notice that the stories in those two books have been rearranged. The easier stories are in True Stories 1A, and the slightly more difficult stories are in True Stories 1B.)

The Silver Edition has all students’ favorite stories from previous editions, plus new stories, updated stories, color photos, and online recordings of every story. Sample units can be viewed in the Pearson catalog, and there are many teachers’ reviews of previous editions on Amazon. (Search “True Stories Sandra Heyer.”) The books are available from Pearson and on Amazon.